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    This section of the Portal is for international English-speaking researchers.

    It pertains to a Research Project named Adole-sendo (in Portuguese), or “teen-ing”.

    The Teen-ing Project aims at relating the development of behavioral self-regulation (e.g., executive functions, impulsivity) with pubertal staging.

    Because we believe in translating research findings to the general public, we have built this Portal so as to have specific sections with information on behavioral changes during adolescents for youngsters, parents and teachers.

    There is also a section for Brasilian or Portuguese-speaking researchers in which the behavioral measures we are using in the Project are made available.

    Tasks that we have built and that are not avaliable in English have been translated an included here so that international researchers can have an idea of the Project.

    The Teen-ing project uses only behavioral measures that are in the public domain so as to democratize their use and
      Coordinator: Sabine Pompéia Dra. Sabine Pompeia* Principal Investigator:  Dr. Hugo Moreira Cogo Dra. Mônica Carolina Miranda  Investigator: Dra. Ana
    Find below a description of various tasks of cool executive functions that are in the public domain. Testing with the
    Brief CV: Graduated in Medicine by the Fundação Benedito Pereira Nunes, Faculdade de Medicina de Campos, has na MCs from
    Assessment of hot self-regulation (impulsivity) will be carried out using a Portuguese version of the SUPPS-P questionnaire (submitted article), which
    This is a Portal that includes information on a research project on adolescent behavior supported by FAPESP, hosted by the